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  • Employee gift

    From the answer: Assuming that you do not want this transaction to show up in the payroll & benefits expenses - Suggest you create a 'customer' called staff - and then 'sales receipt' those items to staff with a price of zero.

  • how do you find what a payment "paid" an invoice on desktop?

    From the answer: Thank you for getting back, .... It's my pleasure to know that you're now able to figure out the issue with your invoice and the payment.

  • Cash Flow Projector Blank Screen

    From the answer: Hi there, gbliss .... We appreciate you performing the troubleshooting steps in the Loan Manager or Cash Flow Projector is missing after upgrading QuickBooks Desktop article.

  • Balance Sheet, Retained Earnings and Member Draw

    From the answer: Yes, that's correct.... The Owner/Member Draw account(s) normally has a negative/debit balance.... On the other side of the coin, the Owner/Member Equity account(s) would have a positive/credit balance.

  • Vendor PO's

    From the answer: Hi there, lygangi.... Thank you for posting here in the QuickBooks Community.... Currently, the Purchase by item report won’t show the PO#.

  • Why doesn't the 941 show "EF Only" on the signature section?

    From the answer: Thanks for posting here in the Community,  dt .... I appreciate you for attaching two screenshots for me to get a better view of your concern.

  • Changing Part Numbers and Inventory

    From the answer: This sounds odd but Ill assume you have a good reason to count eggs individually.... You will need a new inventory item for Egg1.

  • Positive yield scrap report

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Currently, QuickBooks doesn't have a report that shows how much money was saved.... And you can pull up the Inventory Stock Status by Item report to show the material variance from build assemblies.

  • Reconciliation not Zeroing out.

    From the answer: Hello, Luxury_Pools,   I can help you figure out why the balance is not zeroing out when doing a reconciliation.

  • Unwanted line on printed reports

    From the answer: Hello,  shiloh0603 .... Allow me to help and share with you some information regarding removing the horizontal lines in QuickBooks reconciliation reports.

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