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  • emails

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Having your vendor received the PO's that you've sent is my priority.... Let's get this issue sorted out and take you back on track.

  • Adding an Attachment to an Invoice

    From the answer: Good day,  MRevak06 .... Let me help you go over to your invoices and have those attachments added.... I appreciate the screenshot you've provided.

  • Invite employees to view paychecks and W-2’s online

    From the answer: Welcome to our forums, ,   I can share an update about the issue you're encountering when inviting employees to access WorkForce.

  • Back up documents

    From the answer: Hello, susankw,   I'm here to help share information about creating back up documents in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Lines missing on Invoice

    From the answer: Let me help you print your estimates successfully,  kfeinc .... The Do not print lines around each field  option are grayed out when you choose to print it on an  Intuit Preprinted forms .

  • Transferring files to a new computer- but lost the one time password

    From the answer: Hello baugh13,   You can install QuickBooks on your new computer and restore your back up file.... This way, you won't be needing the one-time password.

  • Can you red flag or flag a bad customer?

    From the answer: There's no built in feature for this, but I figured out a way: 1. Create a name custom field called "Flag" or similar  (from the Additional Info tab of a customer record.)

  • lost my payroll for one of my company

    From the answer: I'll take it as you're referring to your payroll subscription, justne.... It could be your QuickBooks file is not in an automatic renew subscription.

  • I'm very upset about not being able to install QB pro 2019. I keep getting a screen that wants my password.

    From the answer: Could you share the screenshot?

  • deposits already recorded

    From the answer: Hi there, ArmyVet95BV5 .... It's possible the deposits were unlinked to the payments when upgrading to QuickBooks 2019.

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