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  • Delete a company

    From the answer: Hello,@Judyariza.... You have the option to remove the company from the open company list.... Also, you can permanently remove a company file altogether.

  • "No email account has been set in Email Preferences"

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to us, commiepinko .... Let me get the help you need in setting up custom email account in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Bank Feeds - Discover Card

    From the answer: Hello, WinHaven .... I'm here to get the help you need about your Discover Business Card bank account.... I have checked this issue here in our system, and we have received no reports from other users getting the same challenges about this.

  • Reconcile didn't balance, my first time using online and need help my session code is 44916

    From the answer: Let me help provide some resources, .... When reconciling your accounts, you'll need to compare the beginning balance and the transactions listed in your QBO file with your monthly bank statements to ensure they match.

  • One payment to two different suppliers

    From the answer: Hello there, LosHuegos .... I'm here to help share information about how you can apply one payment to two different suppliers.

  • How do I record a credit to vendor when I return something so that it will credit my expense category? I've tried vendor credit and it doesn't reflect in my expenses.

    From the answer: Hi herrhammers,   You can follow these steps if you enter bills to track your expenses.... This makes sure the credit hits the expense account you use for this vendor.

  • My QBO reconcile balance shows a difference of +98.67. How do I show only transactions up to and including 8/31, but no dates in September. I'm trying to reconcile today.

    From the answer: I've got the steps to help with your concern, dweinapple.... To make sure you have the correct reconciliation balance, we can change the date by following these steps: From the Reconcile page, click the Funnel icon located above the Date column.

  • How do i clear transactions on the register

    From the answer: There's are two easy ways to mark your transactions as cleared, berthalacey.... I'm happy to show you how.

  • Deposits

    From the answer: Hi Nmprocessing,   QuickBooks Payment processing time takes about 1-7 days depending on the following factors: Time of day the transaction has been entered Weekends and federal holidays Financial institution where transactions are deposited How long

  • Cleared transactions

    From the answer: Let me explain how reconciliation works in QuickBooks Desktop, Thensonjr.... Once you mark a transaction as cleared, it will affect the reconciled balance.

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