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  • how can I add classes to specific customer invoices

    From the answer: Glad to have you here in the Community, .... Currently, you can only add classes to specific customer invoices by opening each invoice at a time.

  • I'm looking for a way to input release schedules for blanket purchase orders.

    From the answer: I guess the best option is to sell the same item over multiple lines.... For example:  Blanket PO for 300 PCS of Item009 for $1.50 per piece Item                   Description                               Qty            Price             Item Note Item

  • check alignment for QB PRo 2018 Desktop

    From the answer: Thanks for getting back to us,  Sheilac12 .... Let's get your printing alignment fixed.... There are multiple possible reasons why the check alignment is off.

  • I will never want to activate TSheets yet I keep clinking the link, becuase it's in the space that used to be Time Sheets.

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I knew a few steps to turn off or remove pop-ups in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) including notification to activate TSheets.

  • Discounts and Credits

    From the answer: Thanks for your help.... your advice solved my problem.

  • Quickbooks 2019 will not install on my desktop. Even after updating Windows 7 Pro and rebooting and downloading new Quickbooks files

    From the answer: Thanks for providing the troubleshooting steps you’ve performed to fix the issue, .... There are several possible reasons why your QuickBooks won’t install.

  • Same invoice paid twice

    From the answer: Hi, @Valpaige.... Thank you for posting in the Community about the payment you made to your vendor.... I'm here to help share some insights.

  • Support

    From the answer: I appreciate you reaching out and posting in the Community,  .... What specific question about QuickBooks Online do you need help with?

  • IIF import specify different templates

    From the answer: Hi ,   As of the moment, there isn't an option to select a specific template when importing all your invoices.

  • Create a Cash Flow Forecast that integrates POs and Estimates

    From the answer: Hello ,   As of the moment, there isn't an option to pull up and customize a report that will show the cash flow forecast of your customer's estimates and vendor's purchase order.

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