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  • How do I distribute Retained Earnings?

    From the article: The best way to distribute the amounts in Retained Earnings is with a journal entry.... You can access  Journal Entry  from the  + Sign at the top of the page.

  • Why do the Balance Sheet and Accounts Payable Aging not agree?

    From the article: If you have a Balance Sheet and A/P Aging report that do not agree, it might be the result of future payments against current bills.

  • Add or edit transactions in a register (or account history)

    From the article: You can add or edit transactions directly in some registers (or account histories).... Add a transaction In the navigation bar, click Accounting > Chart of Accounts .

  • IRS reporting requirements for Form 1099-MISC effective 1/1/11

    From the article: As of 2011, the IRS issued new reporting requirements for the 1099-MISC form.... These requirements will exclude some forms of payments from the 1099-MISC form that will instead be reported on the third party 1099-K form.

  • Which report(s) will reflect a name on deposits?

    From the article: If you run reports that have deposits on them, you'll find that the  Name column is blank.... Most transactions have what we call an Account and a Distribution Account .

  • Why can't I see my memo in the report?

    From the article: In QuickBooks Online, many reports have a combined  Memo/Description column.... Some reports show memos in this column and others show descriptions, depending on the purpose of the report.

  • Reminders are going to my Spam or junk filter. What email domain is being used?

    From the article: Editing trusted sites so that you can receive email from domains that have previously been blocked or dumped to a Spam or junk folder: (these instructions are for Microsoft Outlook) In Microsoft Outlook, go to the Tools menu and select Options .

  • Differences when using QuickBooks Online with Safari vs. other browsers

    From the article: There may be a few differences using QuickBooks Online on a Mac vs. using it on a PC.... General browser differences Keyboard shortcut differences General Browser Differences Globally resetting Safari: Go to the Safari menu and select Reset Safari.

  • Stripe Credit Card Decline Reasons

    From the article: Card Declined?... If you are processing a credit card transaction and you receive a decline code: 1. Verify that all information on the card is correct including: Card Number, Cardholder Name, Security Code, and Billing Address.

  • How do I show payments made after the invoice date on the open invoice?

    From the article: If you receive payments in advance or take deposits, use the function Account Summary instead.... For more information on this feature see  Account Summary on an invoice If you are just looking for a good way to show customers their payment history with

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