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  • Why doesn't my QuickBooks Online beginning balance match my statement?

    From the article: What is the beginning balance and where does QuickBooks Online get it?... Your bank's beginning balance is the total amount your bank has for all the transactions in your account at the beginning of the statement period.

  • Handle errors on your bank or credit card statement

    From the article: Occasionally, your bank or credit card company may make a mistake by processing a transaction for a different amount than the amount you wrote.

  • Print a reconciliation report

    From the article: Each time you finish reconciling, QuickBooks Online automatically generates a reconciliation report for that session.

  • Sales Tax Liability Report and Pay Sales Tax window do not match

    From the article: Problem description: Sales Tax Liability Report and Pay Sales Tax window are showing different sales tax due amount.

  • How do I record a payment I made via online bill payment, EFT, ATM or debit card into QuickBooks Online?

    From the article: If you are looking to record a payment made via online bill pay (through your vendor or banks site), EFT, ATM or debit card in QuickBooks Online use the appropriate link below for steps.

  • How to print checks

    From the article: Purchase checks and supplies from IntuitMarket You can mark checks for printing by selecting To print when you enter transactions from Check or  Pay Bills .

  • Compliance with Sarbanes Oxley and SOC1 / SOC2 requests

    From the article: Please select the appropriate product: QuickBooks Online Intuit Payroll Service ___________________ Compliance for QuickBooks Online As a public company, Intuit is required under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) to file an annual certification of

  • Por que meu balanço patrimonial de regime de caixa tem um saldo C/R ou C/P?

    From the article: Todas as transações Contas a pagar (C/P) ou Contas a receber (C/R) que afetam uma conta do balanço patrimonial (ativos, passivos ou patrimônio líquido) serão exibidas como um saldo no balanço patrimonial em C/R ou C/P.

  • Why does my cash basis balance sheet have an AR or AP balance?

    From the article: Any accounts payable (AP) or accounts receivable (AR) transaction that affects a balance sheet account (assets, liabilities or equity) will show as a balance in the balance sheet in AR or AP.

  • Unmatching Downloaded Transactions

    From the article: If you've matched a downloaded transaction and need to unmatch it: Choose  Banking  at the left.... Make sure the correct account "card" (at the top of the page) is selected.

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