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  • completing payroll after switching from online to desktop

    From the answer: Hi there, bootz26.... Yes, QuickBooks Desktop uses a different payroll module.... You will need to cancel the online subscription and subscribe to the Desktop Payroll Services.

  • "Received From" Name in Deposit Reporting

    From the answer: A deposit is essentially a journal entry and journal entries do not track names properly, never have in any version of QB .

  • Resale and non-inventory items

    From the answer: As you suspect - there is no real difference between service and non-inventory items, they both fiunction exactly the same.

  • Sales Tax Liability Report shows Invoiced sales but shouldn't

    From the answer: Greetings, .... I appreciate you adding a screenshot and providing extra details.... I'm here to share some information on how the amount on the Sales Tax Revenue Summary report is accumulated.

  • Client reimbursed expenses

    From the answer: Easy way to think about business, is what you pay is an expense (or an asset purchase) and what you are paid is income   book your expenses, book the amount received, then on the P&L income is reduced by expense so if they are the same they cancel ea

  • Export/Import Payroll from one company file to another.

    From the answer: Unfortunately it is not possible to import payroll transactions and not possible to import most payroll-related information on employee records.


    From the answer: Good day,  A30 .... I'd be happy to help you get the breakdown of your Accounts Receivable for the month of January.

  • Company file backup requires rebuild every time. Fixes same two entitlement/permission errors every time.

    From the answer: Thank you for sharing the Qbwin.log... file, RandomXs.... I can help you permanently fix the errors in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Add date columns on invoices

    From the answer: You an add two custom fields to items for the dates.... Then add them to the invoice template you're using.

  • my qb is freezing when two or three people are on same time

    From the answer: Hi there,  SpecialEvents .... Thanks for posting in the Community.... I'm here with some insight to provide that you may find helpful.

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