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  • Entering bills report

    From the answer: Hi there,  Susan C .... I'd like to join this discussion and provide additional clarification regarding the account number.

  • can't delete job/customer even though there are no transactions :(

    From the answer: Hey there, ,   Thanks for getting this to our attention.... I can add some information about removing customers in QuickBooks Mac.

  • Invoice

    From the answer: It's nice to see you here today, ,   Thanks for sharing in-depth details about the issue your getting.

  • Customer refunds ticket sales Eventbrite

    From the answer: Hello there,  KaiKai .... You've reached the right support.... Let me guide you on how to handle customer refunds in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Sales Reporting to set aside defectives and samples

    From the answer: Thanks for getting back .... Allow me to step in and help provide additional information about customizing your Sales report that won't show the defects and samples.

  • I recently updated my Quickbooks 2016 for Mac and it will no longer allow me to keep multiple registers open. help!!!

    From the answer: Are they open in tabs in the window?... That's the default behavior.... You can turn tabbing off in QuickBooks->Preferences under tabs.

  • 1099 Reports show Vendors marked NOT eligible

    From the answer: "I DID use the wizard, but it doesn't offer a report."... Step 5.   "I didn't see any option to Reset to Thresholds." Step 3.   "I ticked the Vendors that are eligible (ie, ones that should get a 1099 IF they meet the threshold).

  • Payroll taxes - Setting them up in 2 different payroll accounts within the P and L

    From the answer: The expenses for company paid taxes can't be split for a given tax.... This is because a tax will have only one expense account and there can be only one instance of each tax item.

  • Add Memo Line for Banking Register

    From the answer: Thank you for the additional details, accounting246.... You can remove the check mark in the 1-line checkbox in the lower left-hand corner.

  • Customer Payment: "Deposit To" option will not allow "Long Term Liability" account

    From the answer: Lets start with why you have Long Term Liability when it usually whould be Owner Contribution.... If you are an LLC or Sole Proprietor then you never "loaned" money to your company, all you did was increase equity.

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