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  • reconciling undeposited funds

    From the answer: Confirm from your chart of accounts that you only have one UF account.

  • Auto Entry of Invoice Items

    From the answer: Hey there, ,   I appreciate your time checking this with us today.... I can share some insights about your invoice preference.

  • My bank merged into another bank. How can I get Quickbooks to recognize the new bank?

    From the answer: You probably just need to update the login credentials.... I'd go through the process of creating a new bank account and transferring the money only if you actually go out and opened a new acct.

  • Journal entry for periodic inventory and COGS.

    From the answer: wrote: Hello, Can someone guide me if following journal entry for recording inventory and getting Cost of goods sold amount is correct? the inventory method is periodic one.

  • Journal Entries and Bills

    From the answer: Hello 2robertc,   Thanks for reaching out to us, and for the steps you have done.... The OPEN BALANCE  column will only show how much is the remaining balance of a transaction.

  • how to inventory assembly items and components in Quickbooks Desktop for Mac

    From the answer: Yes, you also want a Fictional Item for this: "We just need to invoice/sell it.... So the remaining issue is assigning the correct sales price to the group item."

  • Recording Donations received via PayPal

    From the answer: Let's take it a bit at a time: "If i buy some books online or at a store to sell and I pay immediately, that's a purchase for me, so to properly record this, do i use... - Vendor > Enter Bill" <== You already paid.

  • Unable to link VENDOR refund to VENDOR credit when there is no open invoice

    From the answer: Here is a topic showing the images and the steps:

  • QB Server for MAC

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thanks for coming to the Community for help.... I've got just the steps you need to fix this issue right away.

  • Sales Tax Payment Account

    From the answer: You should be recording daily sales, and allowing QB to calculate sales tax for you, then you use the pay sales tax function on the home screen   Of course you do have to set up sales tax first, See this for a step by step how-to create and use sales

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