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  • Importing Credit Card Transactions from PDF statement to QB Desktop - how can I do this?

    From the answer: pdf's can not be imported, first you need a third parry program to "read" and convert the pdf to an excel sheet   then you either format that sheet per the iif format, or since you will do this a lot purchase a program like transaction pro importer t

  • How to correct undeposited funds?

    From the answer: Change both systems.... Make one Other Current asset account and use this for Funds in Transit.... What you have right now is a great way to corrupt a QB Desktop file, because you never post Manually to or from UF or using JE for UF.

  • Printer setup will not open; I am not able to print anything from Quickbooks

    From the answer: Good day, MJ Hammer ,   I appreciate the in-depth details you've shared about what you're currently experiencing.

  • FICA, Medicare and Federal Income Witholding

    From the answer: I'll give you the solutions to get the payroll taxes straightened out, madbiker.... The payroll taxes will automatically calculate after you've set them up in QuickBooks.

  • Bank Reconciliation

    From the answer: Have you tried just  editing each deposit to add the 2 new items and delete the old?... As long as the net deposit total does not change it stays reconciled

  • I use America's First Federal Credit Union for banking and it is not listed in Bank feed. How do I set it up?

    From the answer: Hi psagency,   I've verified that First Federal Credit Union isn't yet included in our supporting list of banks for online banking.

  • Import transactions

    From the answer: Welcome aboard to the QuickBooks Community, joneill1186.... It would be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have about importing general journal entries from a third party platform.

  • Overdue

    From the answer: Hello accounts9,   You can try to pull up the Accounts Payable Aging Detail report.... It'll show the list of overdue bills and filter the date range to as of today.

  • Profit & Loss Quarterly Summary

    From the answer: It is not a canned report I know of but can easily be produced.... Start with P&L Standard Select time period, such as Last Fiscal Year.

  • QuickBooks desktop abmc.log error

    From the answer: Hi there, TEV3.... It would be my pleasure to help get rid of the abmc.log... error in QuickBooks Desktop.... We'll need to update your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release to make sure the software has all the components.

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