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  • Credit Card Receipt

    From the answer: Hey there, mba1115.... I can see this is your first question here in the Community.... Let welcome you to the QuickBooks family.

  • I want to know why we were charged on our credit card on 3/16/2019 for $3,625.20?

    From the answer: Hello,   This is a public user community board.... No one here has access to your account or can discuss billing issues pertaining to your account.

  • QB online payments

    From the answer: Thanks for coming to the Community for help, .... I’m here to make sure this issue gets sorted out, so you can complete the setting up of your QuickBooks Payments account.

  • How apply recurring payment to customer?

    From the answer: You can set up recurring credit card payments, StayFit.... Let's first sign up for a Merchant account to process recurring credit card payments in the future.

  • Where is Undeposited Funds?

    From the answer: Hey there, pharm-aid.... I’m here to guide you in the right direction, so you can receive the funds.... To resolve the issue, we’ll have to check why the money is not yet deposited to your account.

  • Is Quick Books Payments Less Expensive than Other Payments Services?

    From the answer: Yes And No.   Shop around.... Depends on your volume as well.

  • Merchant Services - Payments / Terrible outcome

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I understand how it feels when something isn't working the way we need to.... I'll be right here to help guide you today so you'll be able to access or check your payment/deposit details after closing your QuickBooks Merchant Account .

  • Can QuickBooks card reader be directly connected with cord to Apple device?

    From the answer: Hello, .... I'd be happy to help share some information about using a card reader with your QuickBooks payments account.

  • Receiving online payments

    From the answer: Welcome and thanks for dropping by the Community, .... I checked if there's an ongoing issue about the payees' name not coming in, but there isn't currently one.

  • Cypto Currency

    From the answer: Thank you for posting here on the Community page, .... It's my pleasure to help share some insights about accepting cryptocurrency payments.

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