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    From the answer: Hello there, .... I appreciate you taking the time posting in the Community.... I'd be happy to help share the steps adding the 3% credit card fee to match your deposit and bank statement.

  • what report should i print from quickbooks for audit purposes?

    From the answer: A warm welcome from the Community, UT1.... You've printed the correct reports.... However, I'm glad to help run other reports in QuickBooks Desktop for your audit.

  • I would like to begin a class list but it is not an option under the lists tab. It tells me that it is not enabled. Can you instruct me how to enable the class list option?

    From the answer: Turn the feature on in preferences:   Edit | Preferences | Accounting | Company Preferences | Class | Use Class Tracking

  • Printing joint checks to vendors

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community,  Westpac .... Allow me to provide you some information about printing joint checks for vendors via QuickBooks Desktop.

  • 941 Archived Forms

    From the answer: Can't be done through QB.... Instead you may be able to use the IRS site.

  • Invoices

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I'd be glad to help add/post the extra charges to your customers on their quarterly invoice.

  • Manual payroll

    From the answer: Did you perform step 1 , setting preferences before help?...

  • MY quarterly taxes are due and my quickbooks will not up-date 2019 forms

    From the answer: You tagged your query as United States.... why do you want payroll support for India?... Here in the US the first quarter is still open for 11 more days and according to update info, "typically first quarter forms are delivered with mud March payroll update"

  • Record Repairs/Maintenance on Company Trucks

    From the answer: One way is to use Class Tracking and to assign each truck as a Class - you can even group them all as sub-classes of a parent class.

  • My boss gets taxes taken out every two weeks but doesn't actually take a paycheck. How do I enter that.

    From the answer: Hi there, .... If you're referring to reporting payroll taxes without running paychecks, you may need to create a zero net paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).

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