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  • Customer service

    From the answer: Let me route you to the team who can check your payroll account, Linfa.... They will check to see why your payroll was cancelled despite of your payment.

  • Credit Card Partial Refund Processing

    From the answer: Found the answer after hunting for a while....

  • 1 Credit Card Transaction for Multiple Customers

    From the answer: Thank you for providing the complete details of your concern, QuestNikki.... Let me point you in the right direction on recording a single credit card payment for the law and medical school's invoices.

  • Changing bank accounts

    From the answer: Hi, .... I'm here to guide you to the right support so you can get the help you need with changing bank accounts in Merchant Service.

  • Partial batch release by

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out in the Community, anusharma_78,   I'd be happy to answer your post about credit card payment.

  • Chargebacks for QuickBooks Online

    From the answer: Good day, NeOasisInteriors.... The chargeback fee is a processing fee for handling the issue on your behalf.

  • Using a custom statement descriptor on ACH charge

    From the answer: Welcome and thanks for posting your concern here in the Community, @ stri8ed .... No, customizing the statement description of the ACH charges from Merchant Services is unavailable in QuickBooks.

  • Merchant Services

    From the answer: Greetings, .... I'm pleased to furnish you with some information about receiving customer payments.... When you sign up for the ability to received credit card and eCheck payments , you'll receive an email notification to inform you about the status of your

  • sending invoice to client put in his cc info and the bar to click to pay was not there, but was for others.

    From the answer: Good day, ,   I appreciate the time you've given checking this with the Community.... I'm here to help make sure your client can pay his invoice online.

  • failed login

    From the answer: I'll help you log in to your GoPayment account, CJAesthetics.... If you haven't tried to access your Merchant Service account using the browser, let's do that to see if it works.

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