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  • quickbooks payments

    From the answer: Hi Mike741,   When setting up QuickBooks Payments, one of the requirements aside from SSN and EIN is the Tax Identification Number (ITIN).

  • How do I edit an expense that the online bank classified as a transfer?

    From the answer: It's easy to edit when this occasionally happens.... Just click the transaction row.... Switch radio button from 'Record Transfer' to 'Add' and record expense.

  • payroll

    From the answer: Hello, .... It's nice to see you in the Community.... I'm here to help share some information about adding EIN to existing payroll subscription.

  • How to add address to the Transaction Detail by Account report

    From the answer: Thanks for your suggestion.... I can work with these two reports to generate donation receipts but at the same time it would be tedious.

  • New to QB - I entered the details in for a split transaction, but it added more $ to our totals - how do I correct?

    From the answer: Hi tiffanyheins88,   Welcome aboard to the Community.... I'd be glad to help you with any questions you may have about splitting transactions in QuickBooks Online.

  • Resubscribing

    From the answer: Hello amckenzi89,   Welcome back to the Community!... Allow me to assist you by providing some insights about using QuickBooks Online.

  • I have an online account that I pay for, will I be charged additionally for the Mobil app

    From the answer: Hello there,  kcmyers , Let me share the good news with you.... Since you're already paying for your online account, there won't be additional charges to use the mobile app.

  • vacation and sick time info on app is gone?

    From the answer: Hello there,  conley.smith... , You can view your available vacation and sick time information by downloading your latest paycheck through QuickBooks Workforce.

  • Test test test test?

    From the answer: Why why why why?... Just post already.... These continuous meaningless tests are pointless.... If you can see your post it passed the test, Now ask your question and be sure to frame it in the form of a question

  • I was recently changed to Accountant in QB for an account I was already reconciling as a user. Now, when I go to reconcile, none of the bank accounts are connected.

    From the answer: Let's check if this behavior occurs when using an Incognito window, Merijoy.... This step will help us determine if the issue is simply cache-related.

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