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  • Can you create delayed charges in mobile app.........If so, what are steps.....I cannot find any path to creating it under either invoicing or customer.......Please help.

    From the answer: Hi there,  jackayers , Right now, the mobile app won’t allow you to create delayed charges.... However, you can use this feature when you're logged in to your QBO account via a web browser.

  • Why am I no longer able to process credit cards from my Quickbooks Online app on my phone?

    From the answer: Hello there,  clearlyamazingwc , You need to make sure both your QuickBooks Online mobile app and your device are updated to the latest release.

  • Can't set up online banking for Capital One

    From the answer: Hey there, july1962.... Thanks for sharing the steps you’ve performed to set up your online banking.... I'd be happy to help get your Capitol One account connected, so you can start importing the transactions.

  • Accountant Tools: Write off invoices

    From the answer: Hello, @miller84 .... I'm here to help figure out why the customer center still shows a balance total.... It's possible that this is caused by multiple editing of invoices.

  • Quickbooks Desktop for Mac 2019 + Payroll

    From the answer: We can export the payroll data by logging into your payroll account directly, jpark720.... Here's how: Close payroll within QuickBooks for Mac.

  • I want to switch from QB Pro 2016 desktop to Mac 2019 desktop

    From the answer: from what I understand, in Mac there is no multicurrency no manual payroll function no auto back ups no accountants copy in mac

  • Filing an S corp tax return, but 1099Ks are in my SSN

    From the answer: Really a question for you accountant, since everything eventually flows back to you personally there may be a way for him to put it through where it washes out in the end.

  • Adjust payroll liabilities

    From the answer: I would not use adjust liabilities to correct this.... Instead I would edit the paycheck by  correct the under withholding add the difference as Employee Advance In a future check deduct the repayment of Employee Advance Otherwise you would have to adjus

  • online payments not showng up in deposits

    From the answer: We'll have to check the setup and status of these payments to know why they're not showing in the Batch Deposit section, watravis2.

  • Employee's W-2's 2018

    From the answer: Yes.... If you pay it out in cash you have to withhold all taxes.... If it is a qualified retirement plan you only withhold FICA and state/local, I believe (subject to review) and you check the box for "retirement plan"

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