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  • Can I get back to e-file

    From the answer: Hello  gizogizo85 , Yes, you can switch back to e-filing as long as you haven't mailed your 2018 paper return.

  • Create POS invoice?

    From the answer: Thank you for posting,  carol .... I can help you with creating an invoice in QuickBooks Point of Sale.... There’s no feature in QuickBooks Point of Sale to create invoices.

  • How do I get a call back from an advisor?

    From the answer: advisors are public people in business as a consultant   if you mean intuit support, you can enter a call back number when you call, I have been told that is an option   but with the volumn of calls, I would suggest just calling again

  • How do uncheak everything in a bank reconciliation and start from zero

    From the answer: Hello, .... Thanks for reaching out to the Community about restarting a reconciliation.... There is a feature to undo the reconcile completely that is exclusive to QuickBooks Online Accountants.

  • Don't know where a credit came from

    From the answer: Occasionally, I will have credits that I enter into the CC account for co-pays on our spay and neuter program that we offer the public.

  • How do I get copies of W2 from 2017

    From the answer: Hi there,  joedo ,  I’ll share some insights about getting copies for your 2017 W-2’s.... It’s possible you haven’t e-filed the W-2 forms last 2017.

  • When I connect my bank account, why does it only connect 180 days in the past? I need it to connect all of 2018. Please help.

    From the answer: It's up to your bank.... Most banks make only 90 days available for some reason.

  • How can I download past transactions from my bank when it doesn't offer CSV files?

    From the answer: Does it offer pdf?... You can buy a pdf to excel converter software

  • Should my spouse's income from his W2 be his gross income or income from box 1 when I fill out my QuickBooks profile?

    From the answer: Box 1.... You are dealing with federal taxes and Box 1 is the federally taxable amount for income tax.... Box 1 can be lower than 2 or 3 due to tax deferred retirement contributions.

  • MY quarterly taxes are due and my quickbooks will not up-date 2019 forms

    From the answer: You tagged your query as United States.... why do you want payroll support for India?... Here in the US the first quarter is still open for 11 more days and according to update info, "typically first quarter forms are delivered with mud March payroll update"

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