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  • do i have any recourse in the two excessive fees you charged this week other than small claims court in Beaufort NC.

    From the answer: Good day,  michael .... Thanks for connecting with us.... Let me answer your question about getting a recourse.

  • Customer received confirmation of online quickbooks payment, yet I never actually received the money as a deposit.

    From the answer: I have not personally seen this before.... What method of payment did your customer use?... Credit card or ACH?

  • Invoice payment

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thank you for posting here in the Community.... I'd be glad to help share information about QuickBooks Payments Deposits.

  • Adding a fee to the online payments

    From the answer: Hi ,   As of the moment, there isn't an option to automatically include your invoice fees on top QuickBooks charges.

  • Can I use gopayment without quickbooks?

    From the answer: Thank you for posting here in the Community,  cs0ccf0dosky .... Let me share some information about how GoPayment works.

  • Process a credit card payment

    From the answer: Hi there, icifangam.... It's nice to have you in the Community.... I'm happy to help share some information about entering the 3 digit code when processing a credit card payment.

  • Swiped card with card reader and I can see the transaction but it says withheld on it and I do not know why.

    From the answer: Hi there,  tonya .... Thanks for connecting with us in the Community.... Let me address your concern about the withheld status.

  • How do I delete a deposit?

    From the answer: Hi there,  vhooper .... I'd be happy to help you delete the duplicate deposits.... To delete these payments, you'll need to select all of them first then click Add Selected Payments .

  • Unpaid Invoices

    From the answer: Hi there,  Arlenem .... You'll want to resend the invoice to the customer and check if it works the same.

  • ACH payment returned

    From the answer: Thank you for adding a post here in the Community space, .... I'm here to help ensure that your ACH payment returned is handled correctly.

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