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  • How do I record NSF donor check?

    From the answer: Thanks for checking in with us,  Fishing2560 .... Helping you record an NSF check is my priority.... Let's get this recorded in QuickBooks.

  • Installing and won't accept my license number and product number

    From the answer: I'll help ensure you'll be able to install your QuickBooks, .... The amount of numbers you've provided is just correct.

  • Carriage Return in Invoices

    From the answer: Hello ,   Welcome to the Community.... QuickBooks Online only allows importing bank transactions and lists, Chart of Accounts, Customer and Vendor Contacts, and Products and Services.

  • 2019 QuickBooks for Mac compatibility with Mojave 10.15

    If I buy 2019 QuickBooks for Mac, will it run on a new Mac running Mojave 10.15 which runs only 64 bit...

  • Mojave

    From the answer: Hi there, ,   I'm here to help fix the crashing behavior when importing data into QuickBooks Mac.... First, let's try updating QuickBooks to the latest release: Open QuickBooks.

  • What does disposed mean?

    From the answer: Hi there, .... The disposed status usually means a wrong payment information was typed in during the setup.

  • MIsc transaction

    From the answer: I see this as personal, nothing relating to increasing company revenue is a result as I understand what you are saying.

  • How can i connect Quickbook Desktop with Quickbook Online? Then I can sync data automatically.

    From the answer: Not a change for now.... Both are made on different platform.... Why do you ask?

  • Ribbon and Input Box Missing in Chrome

    From the answer: Hello Go Get Geek   We reached out to our Community page developers who have advised that we have escalated this issue to be investigated and are currently working on a resolution.

  • Warehouse Management Solution

    From the answer: I have been recommended to try SOS Inventory, an inventory app that are compatible with QBO.... I decided not to use it for the time being, since my situation was a lot small SKU and much simpler operation than what SOS is ready for.

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