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  • Why does intuit ask me to create a new account when accepting client invite?

    From the answer: It's possible that the email address is new and isn't linked to an Intuit ID, Molly4.... Let the client delete you and invite you again.

  • Can I hide employee pay rate on the workers tab?

    From the answer: Hi LauraEast305-1,   The option to hide the employee rate (pay rate) on the Workers tab is currently unavailable.

  • How do I deal with an owner-occupied 2-family property in QBO?

    From the answer: Create cash type bank account from the chart of accounts, click new and create it.... do not link it online downloads deposit rent checks in that QB account, and when you pay for something that is rental associated, use that account to enter the payment.

  • I submitted a payment for a customer last Friday 1/11/19 via QuickBooks-Bank payments, and it still has not showed up in our bank account?

    From the answer: Good day, @lwheeler570 .... Welcome to the Community.... I just wanted to clarify if you meant processing a refund or receiving a payment?

  • How do I make the account for legal fees paid for financings available?

    From the answer: if you do not have a legal fee expense account in the chart of accounts, create one

  • Adding bank account

    From the answer: If you're asking how to add a Bank Account, on your left Menu click on Banking.... Then click on Add Account and follow the prompts.

  • how do i start deducting for my W-2

    From the answer: Hello and welcome to the Community,  FiveS .... Let me begin by saying how much we appreciate the opportunity you've given us to help you with your company's payroll needs.

  • classes

    From the answer: Good day, @Stefan Focas .... Thanks for dropping by the Community.... I'm here to share some information about changing the class to multiple historical transactions in QuickBooks Online.

  • Invoices and sales tax

    From the answer: check to see if sales tax is turned on that item you describe is something someone created

  • 100% Employer Covered Health Insurance

    From the answer: Hello,  megan5 .... I can help you set up a health insurance deduction for your employee in QuickBooks Online.

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