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  • My customer overpaid and invoice twice

    From the answer: Hello, .... Thank you for posting in the Community.... Let me help figure out why your credited amount for a customer's payment is showing in your AP reports.

  • I do not want a password

    From the answer: Thanks for dropping by the Community, .... I’d like to provide some information about the password security in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • How To Handle Adjusting Entry By Bookkeeper

    From the answer: First, I would say that I would not recommend having a Bookkeeper make a year-end adjusting journal entry to match your tax return, and most especially not to Accounts Payable.

  • Schedule send forms for invoices

    From the answer: Hello there, ssmith58 .... I'm glad you've reached out us.... Let me help provide some insights about setting up an invoice schedule in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Sales Orders do not close

    From the answer: Hi there, Florina .... Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us.... I'm here to help provide some insights about the Sales Order transaction in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Overriding the amount on 1099 form

    From the answer: There isn't a way, but based on your example there shouldn't be an issue.... You can map multiple accounts to the same 1099 box if desired.

  • Sales Tax

    From the answer: Hi there, ,   Welcome and thanks for getting in touch with us today.... I can add some insights about how Sales Tax works in QuickBooks.

  • How do I remove voided checks showing in the deposit section of the bank reconciliation?

    From the answer: When you void a check using the built in Void feature, it is marked cleared and so it won't show up in reconcile.


    From the answer: Thank you for adding a post, .... I'd be glad to help share information about opening/restoring a client file with QuickBooks Accountant 2018 version.

  • Reissuing a lost W2

    From the answer: You have to go through the interview process again and select only the employee to review and print.... Print for your records is a small button lower right

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