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  • can not access one of my employes payroll

    From the answer: Good day, ,   Are you trying to access your employees payroll through ViewMyPaycheck (VMP) website?... If so, let's make sure that the VMP email address matches with what's entered in your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

  • Inventory and COGS

    From the answer: You need to enter a purchase, or initial stock with cost to start with   If you do not there is a bug in QB inventory, see this

  • Error 9645

    From the answer: Thank for bringing this to our attention, hoekma.... There are different reasons why you  encounter the Unrecoverable error.

  • Limit User Access

    From the answer: Hi  michellepete ,   The ability to create a role list to a user is unavailable in the Premier version.

  • Attachments in Quickbooks

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Allow me to share a few information about the attached documents in QuickBooks.... The attached document will not be deleted or disappeared when you delete the email from the outlook.

  • Committed Costs report broken down by item?

    From the answer: Good day,  SKelkar .... Allow me to help you and provide you information about Committed Costs by Job report in QuickBooks Enterprise.

  • Enter one item for both a Vendor and a Customer

    From the answer: Each service item can have a separate purchase account and sales account settings.... If you only see one account field in item settings - check the box for " This item is used in assemblies or is performed ..." that will open the purchase fields

  • Can't Zero out Credit Memo / How to un-apply the Credit Memo

    From the answer: RE: When I print the Open Invoices report, both the credit memo and Invoice show on the report with 0 balance.

  • Can I convert some of my client files to QB2019, but leave others as QB2018. If so, how?

    From the answer: Yes.  Just update that file.... Leave the others and keep using them with the older QB version.

  • How to change password

    From the answer: Greetings,  Joerile75 .... Nice to see you here in the Community.... I'm here to provide some insight on how to change your password.

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