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  • QB Mac OS doesn't allow login

    From the answer: Hello, shakacode.... Let’s first try to clean up the app’s system by clearing the cache.... Just go to Help  at the upper left corner and select Reset App Data.

  • Sales receipts

    From the answer: One of the reasons why this happens is that we've associated an incorrect account on the sales receipt item,  joeybags .

  • Updating from 2013 to 2019

    From the answer: Assuming your backup file is a .dmg it will have to be mounted (opened) outside of QB.... Once mounted drag the company file to your documents folder, from QB use file>open company and navigate to the company file.

  • Vendor product refund

    From the answer: It's nice to see your post today,  Jfunk .... Let me guide you through the process of receiving refund from your vendors.

  • Opening Balance Equity

    From the answer: from the chart of accounts, run a report on OBE, click that transaction and see what made it.... OBE, should be cleared to equity after all opening balances are entered, at that point it is zero and should stay that way.

  • is qb 2016 compatible with mojave? just upgraded to qb 2019 and no files after 2014. qb support said its not compatible with mojave and wants $399 to fix corrupted files.

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Welcome to the Community.... I'd like to provide some details about the compatibility of Mojave with QuickBooks for Mac 2016 and on how you can recover your corrupted files.

  • Reimbursable expenses

    From the answer: Let's break this down into parts.... "Will I have Expenses and income at the end, or I will go to zero because it offsets?"

  • Paychex and YED check deposit

    From the answer: Hi there, VandP,   Let me help share information about how QuickBooks records your payroll transactions.

  • 1099 Wizard using wrong year

    From the answer: Let me go ahead and direct you to our QuickBooks for Mac support, foxdennis.... Since the program is updated and you didn't get any errors, we need to check your company file.

  • Sharing

    From the answer: Hey there, T_m_A.... I'd be glad to help share information about using the new QuickBooks 2019 version.... You'll need to have at least macOS 10.12 (Sierra), 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.14 (Mojave) on your Mac product for QuickBooks to run.

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