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  • reconcile bank credt card with a credit amount balance.

    From the answer: Yes, enter the statement balance, whatever it is, when reconciling.... If the reconcile doesn't balance then the activity doesn't yet agree with what is on the statement; that the ending balance is negative should not matter.

  • Can't apply payments to invoices due to closing date

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thank you for providing extra details.... I can help you apply the payments to invoices due to the closing date.

  • How do I copy company files from my desktop to my laptop so I can use Quickbooks Pro on both computers?

    From the answer: "Do I simply use a backup on a thumbdrive and pull up the files on my laptop?... " Close but not exactly.

  • Paying a Vendor with Undeposited Funds

    From the answer: Hey,  hanky.... You can create a petty cash account in QuickBooks instead then transfer the funds from undeposited to petty cash.

  • Tool bar settings 2019

    From the answer: Hello there,  dvm mfb .... This could be a program issue that needs to be fixed by updating your QuickBooks account.

  • How manufacturer accounts for product recall

    From the answer: The recalled product is an expense, recall expense create a customer credit using a non inventory item that links to that recall expense account then in receive payments apply the credit to future invoices   expense lowers income on the P&l, but it d

  • Because of an e-mail catastrophe, I have lost all my info on QB. I need to talke to a person and not a robat to assigne me atemporary admin passowrd

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to us in the Community, .... I appreciate you trying to reach our Phone Support team.

  • what taxline do i use for owner equity accounts?

    From the answer: Owner equity does not have a tax line for sole proprietors, and only has to be reported in partnership when they make more than 10M a year   tax line assignments in desktop do nothing much at all for you.

  • Batch enter transactions in QB Pro 2016

    From the answer: Hey there, ,   Thanks for joining the forum.... I can add some insights about entering non-posting sales transactions by batch in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Sharing the desktop version between two computers

    From the answer: Hi there!... You would have to set up a multi-user environment or network, where the QB file would sit on a central server and be accessed by both computers.

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