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  • Job Costing - Employees Time

    From the answer: Open New Timesheet.... At the top, in Name, Scroll  all the way UP to find Multiple Names is listed.... Reports that you Filter, you scroll to the Top of that filter to see Multiple and All as the options.

  • Manufacturing Accounting for Internal Orders/Jobs (Inventory, PPE)

    From the answer: @Mavors19  wrote: I run a manufacturing company that buys raw materials and produces finished goods for sale.

  • How to email statements & invoice in one email?

    From the answer: This is a great idea for a new software feature, @theresamarie .... Our goal is to make QuickBooks the go-to app for all sorts of small business owners.

  • Social Security and Medicare Deductions

    From the answer: Hi there, Melissa7 ,   I want to ensure your taxes are calculating correctly.... There are a few reasons why SS and Medicare taxes are calculating incorrectly.

  • Add Memo Line for Banking Register

    From the answer: Thank you for the additional details, accounting246.... You can remove the check mark in the 1-line checkbox in the lower left-hand corner.

  • Printing Picklist when items on sales order has 2 different sites

    From the answer: Hello Mickey,   Currently, we're unable to print a packing slip that filters the items from the sales order.

  • AP Reports

    From the answer: Here's how to do it: 1. Run the Vendor Balance Detail report.... 2. Click Customize report, and then the Filters tab. 3.

  • customize statement of cash flow

    From the answer: Thank you very much for your response.... I do have the deposits set up as current liabilities.... I agree that  we will not be changing our basis in the portion of the asset that is kept and I see your point that perhaps this should be in Financing Activiti

  • Registration will not work.

    From the answer: By restarting the computer and opening up QuickBooks first I found it brought back the registration page where you put in your phone number and ZIP Code.

  • Can a account be used for expense and income both?

    From the answer: You either have Gross Expense and Gross Revenue; or this is Liability accounting as a Trust.... Never wash data through one income account or one expense account, as you asked to do.

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