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  • .iif file upload problem

    From the answer: On issue is that the transaction types in the IIF file are wrong.... A "PAYMENT" is a customer payment on account and will always use an A/R account on the SPL line, and never "Unknown", unless you've named your A/R account "Unknown".

  • How to process foreign transaction fee?

    From the answer: Hello Scottman,   You can record the foreign transaction fee as Credit Card Charge .... Use the charge item and enter the total amount converted to USD.

  • Email STATEMENTS to multiple customers at once

    From the answer: Hello sevans,   Before sending your statements, you’ll see the Send Forms window.... In this window, you can review the statements you want to send and change your email template or message.

  • Price Rules/Estimates

    From the answer: I wonder if you are confusing how Price Rules work, with how to use Price Levels.... Price Levels works better for setting Customer Price Points.

  • W2/W3 E-file error for Federal and State

    From the answer: No SSN's don't start with a 9. ITIN's do, but they're not SSN's and no one with only a ITIN should ever be hired or paid wages.

  • Salaried employee with billable hours

    From the answer: Greetings carrie88,   Let me share some details about the billable hours of an employee.... If an employee is setup to Use time data to create paycheck , the billable hours will show once you run a payroll for them regardless if they are salaried.

  • Credit card opening balance doesn't apply to business

    From the answer: Please learn from this input.... There is no JE for this.... You already have the proper tools = Banking menu > Enter Credit Card Charge.

  • How to use customized donor transaction summary for all donors

    From the answer: (you'd have to go to the end of the thread to see what she told me... i guess i threw in that question off topic from my original question.. which is why title might not match his/her response)

  • QB for MAC 2019 sharing with accountant

    From the answer: Hi there, Elliot.... You might want to use the Desktop file.... Your QBB file might have some information that is not in your QBO file such as reconciliation reports, audit trail, and recurring credit card charges.

  • How do I know if a vendor bill has been invoiced if a client invoice is created by an estimate based on % complete?

    From the answer: "I'm just confused on how to make sure we bill all costs to the project when not using the Add Item option."

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