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  • How do I enter an invoice after it has already been paid?

    From the answer: This worked perfectly!... Thanks to everyone for the help!

  • Multiple Bank accounts from the same bank and bank feeds

    From the answer: Hello,  pasteve99 .... Thanks for connecting with us here in the Community.... I'm here to address your concern with connecting your multiple IDs for the same bank.

  • Landlord - Deduct property management and repair cost?

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out back to me, .... I can share the reason why the negative amount posts in both an income and expense line item on a P&L (cash basis) report.

  • Cash Advance from credit card via paypal

    From the answer: Hi there,  CHTgrammy2 .... Thanks for joining the Community.... I'm here to help and guide you with recording the cash advance payment in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Backup Withholding

    From the answer: Hi, Allied3 .... I already updated my post above with the complete details, please check.

  • electronically pay wage garnishment

    From the answer: It's nice to see you here today, ,   Welcome to our forums.... I'd be glad to share some information with you about electronically filing wage garnishments in QuickBooks.

  • Bank reconciliation

    From the answer: Hi there, Susan123.... It's nice to have you in the Community.... I'll be happy to help share a few insights to find out what's causing the difference between your reconciliation report and register balance, and get this straightened out.

  • payroll forms from 2017

    From the answer: Yes you won't be able to see the forms using QB desktop.... If I'm not mistaken you can get them from the IRS or the SSA.

  • Fixed Asset

    From the answer: When you purchase property it is a Fixed Asset but you have to separate Land from Building and Improvements.

  • QB 2018 Pro Update

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to the QuickBooks Community, Hull Diver .... Let me help share some information about updating QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) to the latest release.

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