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  • Changes made to invoice from flipped sales order are not showing up

    From the answer: Please Learn from the Input here.... You don't have any Damage.... This is a Setting in your file.... Edit menu > Preferences has over 400 Settings that you need to control for what you want to have as defaults and functions and settings.

  • Payroll error

    From the answer: Hi there, rhogarth.... You will need to create payroll liability adjustment to correct the taxes for the 4th Quarter.

  • Item class vs. receipt class

    From the answer: now that we are creating reports, it only includes the class when it was on receipt (at top of screen)   Item line class will only show on a detail report, if you are running a summary report - item detail does not show

  • Printing 1 part 1099 forms

    From the answer: Hello LeighAnnK,   Thanks for using QuickBooks for Mac for your business.... Right now, we can only print two 1099 forms per page in QuickBooks.

  • Log off users currently logged into QuickBooks

    From the answer: If you are logged in as the Admin, you can close QuickBooks for another user.... To log a user off from a QuickBooks company file... Launch QuickBooks Messenger ( Company   menu   >   Chat with a Coworker ).

  • Windows 10 upgrade crashing QuickBooks Enterprise 19

    From the answer: , I finally got it all worked out.... For anyone going through this I suggest the following things to try first.

  • Can a 1099 be sent to a single member LLC (disregarded entity) when payments went directly to the contractor?

    From the answer: You use what they provided on the W9 for EIN.... Please see my attachment.

  • How do I know if a vendor bill has been invoiced if a client invoice is created by an estimate based on % complete?

    From the answer: "I'm just confused on how to make sure we bill all costs to the project when not using the Add Item option."

  • Transfers

    From the answer: This is Fine: "When I put owners equity account as the "from account" quickbooks warns me about using retained earnings acct."

  • Cost not populating in my report on QB Enterprise

    From the answer: Nevermind I solved it - I was modifying my sales order template and what i needed to do was modify my invoice template to add the correct cost field.

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