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  • QB 2016 - align checks

    From the answer: I appreciate your time checking this with the QuickBooks Community,  kend2 .... Whenever you change a printer, the settings will not remain as it is.

  • Vendor Credit Memo

    From the answer: Hi, bsw0824.... If you’re referring to applying a customer credit to their invoice, the system will prompt you this process proactively.

  • Commented reports

    From the answer: Welcome to the QuickBooks Community page, .... I can share some insights and help you utilize more the Commented Report feature in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • installing 2019

    From the answer: hi @ 12320 , What the problem did you find?

  • Change in Ownership - Question about entry

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Welcome to the Community space.... Allow me to step in for a moment and share some insights about changing the QuickBooks ownership.

  • As a proadvisor, I have multiple company files in Desktop. Can I have Sales Invoices payable online for multiple companies using the same email address?

    From the answer: Welcome and thanks for posting here in the Community, .... Just to confirm, are you referring to sending invoices to your clients in multiple companies using the same email address and being able to pay online?

  • How do I print an invoice with credit showing?

    From the answer: I can help you adjust the overlapping credit field, blujay22,   When you edit your template, you can click on Layout Designer .

  • Just created a company file and it's no where to be found

    From the answer: hi   , You could press f2 in QuickBooks and a product information window will pop up.... You could find your file location at "File Information".

  • Creating Item #'s for Non-Inventory Parts

    From the answer: Hello, saavy.... Tracking directly the cost of a non-inventory is unavailable in QuickBooks Desktop.... As a workaround, you can use the item on a purchase ( Purchase Order ) transaction then enter the cost of the item on the amount.

  • uploading online back up of company file

    From the answer: Hey there, Sebastian22.... The following are the steps to restore a backup file from the online backup: Click File at the top.

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