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  • how do I get rid of old payroll taxas that i have paid already but didnt get off the computer

    From the answer: How did they get paid?... In QB, you use Pay Liabilities, even if you paid by signing into a Website; this is how you do the bookkeeping that the Payment got made.

  • how to install quick books on a second computer

    From the answer: For the QB Desktop program: Basically you just take the installer CD/file and install it on the next machine and make the appropriate selections from the prompts.

  • Expense Reports - paypal, ebay, shipping

    From the answer: If you Sell through different "channels" such as eBay and Amazon, and get Paid through PayPal or Zelle, you have Two Different things.

  • Employee Missing Hours Last Pay Period

    From the answer: You have two options.... You can manually adjust the paycheck in the old pay period to only reflect the hours you missed, or manually add those hours to the next paycheck.

  • Memorized Reports

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Glad to have you here in the Community.... Allow me to help and share some insights about this memorized reports concern.

  • Purchase Orders for mixed purchases

    From the answer: Make your item More Generic.... Noninventory items: Audio Component TV/Monitor Patch Bay Rack/Shelving Cable Connectors   Don't use more details than matters to your reporting.

  • 401K Contribution

    From the answer: Right Here: "Our company does not offer 401K for employees"   Your Employee has an Old 401(k) Account because some previous employer offered that Plan.

  • QB Premier 2019- any way to turn OFF transfer credits?

    From the answer: Hey there, Markmcl922.... We'll need to verify your license and product codes.... Please contact our technical support to have these codes checked.

  • Bank Reconcilation

    From the answer: Hi Bsroi....... Not sure I'm following.... Is the "0" you are seeing in the Reconcile window in the lower right?

  • W2

    From the answer: Sounds like someone hid it, as it's always active if you have federal taxes, and you always have federal taxes.

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