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  • Quickbooks Pro 2017 Timer

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Allow me to help share information about Pro Timer.... The QuickBooks Pro Timer is a program that runs independently and is installed separately from QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.

  • Do customer payment terms appear on quotes

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to me here in the Intuit Community, .... I'm delighted to let you know that you can customize your quote by enabling the payment term feature.

  • merchant fees

    From the answer: Are they supposed to show up automatically?... Mine never did when I used to use the service.

  • How to record grant income

    From the answer: Hello there,  amy21 .... I'm glad you came here for support.... It's my pleasure to help you record a donation in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • how to unlink payment account from quick books desktop 2018

    From the answer: Hey there,  jshalabi1 .... It would be my pleasure to get you pointed in the right direction in determining how to unlink your payment account.

  • payroll

    From the answer: Duplicate of

  • Converting quicken to quickbooks

    From the answer: You should be able to convert Quicken to Quickbooks with the trial version, cattani.... Since you have Quicken 2019, you no longer need to use the Quicken converter.

  • cash collections

    From the answer: wrote: I operate a vending company and want to know the best way to record the money collected from my machines.

  • Changing my company name and all other files sync.

    From the answer: Hello modemers,   Thank you for reaching out to the Community.... It would be my pleasure to help you get to the bottom of this strange behavior when changing the company name in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • tax forms

    From the answer: I don't think the new form is ready yet.... The fed forms used to be available in Jan, but not so much anymore.

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