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  • Greyed out bank accounts "DirectConnect accounts you want to connect to Quickbooks"

    From the answer: From the chart of accounts edit the account in question, from the online settings tab select "not enabled", repeat your process for online banking setup.

  • Edge import

    From the answer: Hi there, Tammy.... I'd suggest reaching out to Edge's support to check the best way to link your inventories to your sales and sales taxes in QuickBooks.

  • Memorized Transaction with automatic entry

    From the answer: Hi,  TammyM12.... Let’s try to delete and recreate the memorized transaction then make sure to enter necessary information.

  • Moving from Home and Business to QB 2019 Desktop Pro

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thank you for posting here in the Community.... I'm happy to help you share information about importing/converting Quicken data to QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).

  • How to change "To Print" to "No."

    From the answer: Hi, BenTam .... I’ve tried this scenario in my QuickBooks and I was able to change the TO PRINT option to NO. by unchecking the box for Print Later.

  • Config and .ini files

    From the answer: Thank you for getting back to us, ,   You can get in touch with some of our developers to address your concern immediately.

  • Write off customer and vendor balances

    From the answer: You went thru the steps that would be used for a customer AR write off.... But if the borrower does not have a 'customer name' then you have to do it outside of the AR system - probably just a JE from the asset to the BadDebt expense.

  • Setting up / Keeping track of Donors (donation revenue, etc.)

    From the answer: Thanks for visiting the Community, clg3.... If you're referring to QuickBooks Desktop Pro and QuickBooks Desktop Premier- Non-profit edition, I'll share some insights about their differences.

  • Data Protect 2019 data protect

    From the answer: Hi jwhitford,    You'll just have to click on the sign in link in your new QB account and enter your credentials.

  • Once and for all - can I store QB for Mac 2019 on the cloud?

    From the answer: Yes, you can use cloud drives to save your QuickBooks for Mac 2019 data, snyd2706.... Aside from the iCloud drive, you can also use DropBox, Box, and Google Drives.

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