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  • Journal entry for periodic inventory and COGS.

    From the answer: wrote: Hello, Can someone guide me if following journal entry for recording inventory and getting Cost of goods sold amount is correct? the inventory method is periodic one.

  • My bank merged into another bank. How can I get Quickbooks to recognize the new bank?

    From the answer: You probably just need to update the login credentials.... I'd go through the process of creating a new bank account and transferring the money only if you actually go out and opened a new acct.

  • Roth 401k Payable To

    From the answer: For Paychex, if you need to send the payment, then it is the same as Child Support or any other Wage Garnishment.

  • Can I turn off Quickbooks asking if I want to update a customer's information?

    From the answer: Please Learn from this input.... The function you asked for is in Edit menu > Preferences, General, the Company Preferences.

  • Service Item report

    From the answer: Attached is timesheet example.

  • Direct deposit

    From the answer: Good day, ,   I'm glad you reached out to us today.... I can share some information on how to update your Direct Deposit bank in Quickbooks Desktop.

  • QB Server for MAC

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thanks for coming to the Community for help.... I've got just the steps you need to fix this issue right away.

  • Unable to link VENDOR refund to VENDOR credit when there is no open invoice

    From the answer: Here is a topic showing the images and the steps:

  • Journal Entries and Bills

    From the answer: Hello 2robertc,   Thanks for reaching out to us, and for the steps you have done.... The OPEN BALANCE  column will only show how much is the remaining balance of a transaction.

  • Should be simple!! > CUSTOM header box

    From the answer: Thank you for getting back to us here in the Community, .... Allow me to join the thread and help share information about customizing/adding invoice header in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).

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