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  • Force Subitems to Adopt Parent Price

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community space, .... The option to force a sub-item to adopt a parent price is unavailable at this time because you'll have to set up each item and enter the fields accordingly.

  • How To View Paychecks from 2018?

    From the answer: Great to see you here in the Community, .... I'm here to help make sure you can access your 2018 paychecks.

  • adding time and costs

    From the answer: Thanks for being a loyal customer to us, .... I'll introduce the use of Timesheet in QuickBooks Desktop.... Since the functionality to add time and costs to an invoice on a specific line isn't possible, you can create your clients a timesheet.

  • SEMI-SOLVED: Unable to start the Quickbooks Database Manager on Debian Linux

    From the answer: You did a great job in doing the possible solutions,  FuriousGeorge .... We have another step that you can try to resolve this issue.

  • Drill Down Report

    From the answer: Hello Thughes160,   QuickBooks stores data based on lists.... That said, you can re-sort your report list to bring back its original order.

  • How do I mark an "overdue" liability as paid?

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Thank you for reaching out in the Community about your paid liability showing as overdue in QuickBooks.

  • How to customize printing checks

    From the answer: You can select the style, alignment and font that’s it.... Other than that it only has to be a QB compatible check.

  • feasibility expense

    From the answer: Thanks for choosing QuickBooks as your accounting tool, .... Since the feasibility study's result on the property doesn't work for the intended purpose, you can enter a vendor credit to record the expenses: On the top menu, click Vendors .

  • Accurately Setting up Vacation and Sick Time Accruals

    From the answer: Hello there,  greggarrison .... Thanks for checking this with us.... I appreciate the detailed information you've provided.

  • Restored File

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to the Community, tcba2016,   I'm here to provide information about restoring company file in QuickBooks Desktop.

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