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  • How to correctly record cash sales in QB Desktop

    From the answer: I can help you record the cash sales correctly, PWOP.... When you sell something or provide a service and get paid on the spot, record the sale with a sales receipt.

  • Quickbooks 2019 Pro Desktop will not open

    From the answer: Hi there, rackliffelock.... We can resolve program-related issues like this by repairing QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Customizing the PAY BILLS Window

    From the answer: No, there is no way.... Well there is a way. 1. Become a software engineer 2. Get hired by intuit 3. Move up the ranks until you have design authority 4. Change the layout globally OR, set you default vendor terms to be upon receipt or 0 days and the due

  • How do you save a backup copy of your QuickBooks Pro 2019

    From the answer: Best way is log in to your intuit account ( and download links are there for all software purchased and activated.

  • How to post a down payment towards a land mortgage?

    From the answer: The down payment, and the loan amount are not expenses, they are part of the cost of the land   create a fixed asset type account named for the land then use that fixed asset land account as the expense (reason) for the down payment and also for the

  • Move Quickbooks to a new computer stuck at 63% copying to flash drive

    From the answer: Please mark this solved.... It completed the copy by leaving it for over 90 minutes.... All I needed to do was be patient.

  • Adjust inventory quantity or value

    From the answer: Good day, Bentley919.... When you adjust the total value, you'll still have to include the item.... Here's how: Click Vendors .

  • I have a new payroll subscription, today it tells me that it needs to be reactivated. When I try to log in, it buffers and never sends me to the account maintenance site.

    From the answer: I was able to reach my maintenance account site.... It showed that I have an active subscription.... However, when I return to my QB desktop , payroll shows red and says that I need to reactivate.

  • I moved my IRA money into a new C-Corp retirement fund - how do I show that?

    From the answer: Mechanically we can show you how to record an equity contribution and an exchange of cash for liquidation of the equity and the purchase of a hard asset from checking but you have too many things going on to rely on free acvounting advice when you ho

  • Question regarding best practices for inventory issues

    From the answer: Good day,  Britta_Peterson .... I can provide you with some information about adjusting inventories via QuickBooks Desktop.

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