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  • Fixed Asset Manager

    From the answer: Hi srich754,    The FAM file might be damaged that's why they are not saving.... We can run a Verify Data Utility fix this.

  • Transfer of credit card charges from old quikck books file to new quick books file

    From the answer: Hi there, Vivianalv .... Once you import the credit card transactions, the option to export them from QuickBooks is unavailable.

  • Crediting a budget item.

    From the answer: Hi ,   You'll need to enter your expense account in the Category Details section of your transaction.

  • How to correct a banking deposit error?

    From the answer: Depends on your business entity type:  Sole Proprietor, LLC, S Corp or C Corp.  Most likely you want to debit Cash (Bank) account and credit Equity account.

  • Paying business expenses with personal funds

    From the answer: You say you entered bills and marked them as paid.... How did you do that without paying them?... There are several ways to do owner pays bills, this is just one of them create the bill for the expense, on the account tab as the last item select the owner eq

  • payroll

    From the answer: Welcome to the Intuit Community,  .... I'll share the steps on how to activate your payroll subscription.

  • Can't download payroll update

    From the answer: Hi there, .... I'm here to help share some steps so you'll be able to update your tax table successfully.

  • Loan Payment

    From the answer: Hi, hk16.... If you’re setup to loan manager , the system will help you calculate the payment including the compounded interest and principal installments.

  • When making a journal entry, only three entries can be seen at one time. Is there some way I can see the whole JE as I am making it.

    From the answer: Sure.... Just make the window taller.

  • payroll

    From the answer: There is no provision to add a 941 payment frequency as all the allowed payment frequencies are already listed.

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