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  • receive customer payment from 2017

    From the answer: Hello there, @ kkggoodair ,   Let's record those payments in QuickBooks Desktop to zero out open balances on the customer's account.

  • check print to vendor not showing on vendor transaction history

    From the answer: Hi  timtyau , You can run the Check Detail report and select the correct report period to show all the cheques you've created for your vendor.

  • I just downloaded the Update for QBPOS, and was wondering the correct Procedure for installing this update? I downloaded it to a USB Flash Drive.THank You!~

    From the answer: Good day, @ harry , I'd be glad to provide the correct procedure in installing your updated QuickBooks Point-of-Sale.

  • Adjusted service date for returning employee

    From the answer: You're right, .... Adjusted Service Date means the service date adjusted by the amount of any creditable service other than membership service, or for any periods of interrupted service, and from which all creditable service shall be calculated.

  • Payroll Liability Payments

    From the answer: Hi there, .... I appreciate you going through the steps provided by my colleague above and for providing additional information.

  • Deleted Item during merging

    From the answer: I can provide a few information about merging items in QuickBooks Desktop, rastysaeed When merging two items, you can reverse it.

  • Correct errors in expense account

    From the answer: Hi  carol , We are unable to edit your transactions inside QuickBooks after they have been posted from QuickBooks Point of Sale.

  • How do I cancel an account that I set up?

    From the answer: You can cancel the account from your Billing info page,  nowillustration .... If you're in a  free trial , there's no need to cancel.

  • State tax IL account number

    From the answer: Thanks for sharing on-point details about your concern, jalehde.... The 1234567-8 format you’ve described above is referring to a State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) account number.

  • How do I connect my new Apple Card for transactions since they don't have a website?

    From the answer: Thanks for posting here in the Community, freedomrocks1969.... Setting up bank connection in the program needs your bank’s website login credentials.

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