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  • MIsc transaction

    From the answer: I see this as personal, nothing relating to increasing company revenue is a result as I understand what you are saying.

  • How can i connect Quickbook Desktop with Quickbook Online? Then I can sync data automatically.

    From the answer: Not a change for now.... Both are made on different platform.... Why do you ask?

  • Mojave

    From the answer: Hi there, ,   I'm here to help fix the crashing behavior when importing data into QuickBooks Mac.... First, let's try updating QuickBooks to the latest release: Open QuickBooks.

  • Incorrect beginning balance for Checking account.

    From the answer: Hello, .... You can create a discrepancy report to help you fix your beginning balance.... Here's how: Go to the Gear icon.

  • QB Premier 2019 - contractor version

    From the answer: If I am understanding this, then in the customer center create a parent customer, then drag the "jobs" below that parent customer, and then drag again to the right to make the job

  • Installing and won't accept my license number and product number

    From the answer: I'll help ensure you'll be able to install your QuickBooks, .... The amount of numbers you've provided is just correct.

  • Available Credits

    From the answer: I've got you covered, .... I can see how such a report would make crediting your Vendors as a batch much simpler and more efficient.

  • keep getting error the my quickbooks online has expired

    From the answer: Let’s perform some steps to get your QuickBooks Online app working again,  gmbshipping .... If you’re using the desktop app, you can reset your app data.

  • Bank deposit

    From the answer: Hi there, .... I have just the steps you'll need to get this mess cleaned up!... The instructions will vary based on whether you're using QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, but the general process is the same.

  • Opening balance for Checking account

    From the answer: Hi there, CMTB .... Thank you for posting here in the QuickBooks Community.... I would like to ask which report did you check to verify the discrepancies so we can confirm the cause of the issue.

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