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  • Add job to credit card in reconciliation

    From the answer: Thanks.... There are so many of these little tweeks that would make QB better (for me).... I look forward to seeing them come through development.

  • downloaded bank transactions

    From the answer: Hello,  salaudio .... Allow me to take over and share additional troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue.

  • Need report that shows invoices and the checks that were applied to each invoice for a few months.

    From the answer: I appreciate the screenshot you've provided, .... You can run a transaction report from your  Customer center page in QuickBooks.

  • Payroll/Accounting For Occasional Employees

    From the answer: Hello there, @ BillM .... I appreciate you for sharing detailed information about your concern.... It seems that this person who will work for you for 2 days isn't formally employed in your company.

  • Payroll Liability Payments

    From the answer: Hi there, .... I appreciate you going through the steps provided by my colleague above and for providing additional information.

  • Can I attach a copy of a credit card bill into my quickbooks on the line where I wrote a check to make the payment?

    From the answer: Let me show you how to attach a file when creating a cheque,  ginger22102 .... Yes, you can add an attachment to your cheques in QuickBooks Online.

  • How do I cancel an account that I set up?

    From the answer: You can cancel the account from your Billing info page,  nowillustration .... If you're in a  free trial , there's no need to cancel.

  • State tax IL account number

    From the answer: Thanks for sharing on-point details about your concern, jalehde.... The 1234567-8 format you’ve described above is referring to a State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) account number.

  • How do I connect my new Apple Card for transactions since they don't have a website?

    From the answer: Thanks for posting here in the Community, freedomrocks1969.... Setting up bank connection in the program needs your bank’s website login credentials.

  • what is the email address for support

    From the answer: Hello, grabicki.... I'll be happy to get you in the right direction to be able to contact our QuickBooks Online Payroll Email support.

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