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  • Printing Picklist using a different template QB Enterprise 2018

    From the answer: Welcome back to the Intuit Community, damitchell1985.... The template used for printing the Picklist is automatically generated by QuickBooks.

  • Paid bill from incorrect bank account!

    From the answer: Yes, you can, Saphire605.... Create a check to Company B and make a deposit to Company A.   You can refer to these articles: Create, modify, and print checks Make Deposit If you need anything else, you can go back to this thread.

  • Migrator Tool Quickboos 2018 Pro

    From the answer: Thanks for getting back to us, LTPS.... When moving the file, QuickBooks will automatically save it to the local drive.

  • Erroneously Deleted Deposit Detail

    From the answer: Yes. there's a way for you to re-create the deposit details so you can delete and re-create your sales receipt, LZAlice .

  • Setting up a duplicate chart of accounts

    From the answer: Yes, there's a way to duplicate it,  DeniseM39 .... You'll have to export your Chart of Accounts using the  .IIF  file.

  • General Ledger

    From the answer: Hello there, the_tile_setters.... In QuickBooks, the General Ledger report displays a list of transactions from all accounts for a specific date range.

  • How to hide previous user login name?

    From the answer: Good to see you here, alvinc .... The option to hide the user's login name is unavailable in QuickBooks.... If that user is no longer working in your company, you can delete them in the User List page.

  • Budget Income and expenses

    From the answer: Hello @JJesen,   Welcome to the Community.... Yes, you can enter amount manually to the income and expenses so you can trace the budget.

  • How do I combine multiple Estimates into one Sales Order?

    From the answer: I minimized my Estimate and Sales Order Screens and did the old copy and paste to get my 3 estimates into one Sales Order.

  • Is there a way to make an employee's entire social security number show up on their paystub?

    From the answer: Yes, there is.... Pick Edit | Preferences | Payroll & Employees | Company Preferences | Pay Stub & Voucher Printing and then de-select the option Only the last four digits of SSN...

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