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  • Scheduling Local backup

    From the answer: Thanks for utilizing the scheduled local backup feature of QBDT, .... Yes.... Running the scheduled local backups may take time depending on the company size.

  • Renaming Rules

    From the answer: A warm welcome from the Community, .... You can create a rule that renames the payee by setting the right information to match the downloaded transactions to the existing one in QuickBooks.

  • How can subtotal lines be added to a report?

    From the answer: What report are you working with?... Have you checked customize to see if there is a "sub total by" selection box?

  • Quickbooks Desktop pro 2018

    From the answer: look at the top right of the vendor center window, it there is an arrow (<), click it

  • Quickbooks Pro 2019 to Premier 2019

    From the answer: hi  , Please call Intuit agent to ask refund for your Pro 2019.... You should be still eligible to claim money back guarantee up to now.

  • bogus email

    From the answer: Hello      Forward the email to [email address removed].... Within a day or so you will get a response as to if it is a legitimate email or not.

  • ignore in bank feed

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community, whowaaa.... I'm here to take care of you.... Let me help make sure the ignored transactions won't show up in the download screen again.

  • Bank Feed not showing all text in Downloaded As field

    From the answer: Hi there, redbrad0 .... The option to customize the Transactions List column in the Banking Feeds to match them in your bank statements is unavailable.

  • How do I delete a deposit?

    From the answer: You are correct, Alan_in_SC.... You can delete the donation as soon as you have deleted the deposit.... Let's go back to the deposit so you can remove it from your books.

  • Invoice Total not Equal to Total of Line Items

    From the answer: Let's perform some steps to resolve your invoices that show an incorrect total amount,  dixondlow .... You can run a verify and rebuild data to resolve data issue within the company file.

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