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  • Issue with Assembly Item and COGS/BOM/User Defined Cost

    From the answer: Thanks for providing detailed information and screenshots, .... I can share how amounts and inventory are handled and reported in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Property taxes paid with liability account, how to record

    From the answer: your journal entry is correct, debit loan, credit tax expense   If tax expense is going negative as a result, then your original payment of the taxes in full did not post to the same tax expense account as it should.

  • QBSDK error

    From the answer: Hello there, @ jpo ,   Allow me to step in and help you able to post here in the Intuit Community.... The link provided by my colleague in this thread is the URL where different developers and coders help each other about an app development, integration,

  • How can I reprint a w-2 after an ajustment made for 2018

    From the answer: Hello there, sherry6.... Let me help guide you on how to print the W-2 form in QuickBooks Desktop.... When processing liability adjustment , make sure that it affects the liability accounts to reflect the changes on the W-2 form.

  • I need to update my Tax id infomation.

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community, .... There are two ways you can change your tax ID.... Let me provide them and their steps.

  • QB Simple Start 2010

    From the answer: Good to hear from you today,  df10105 .... I can help share some information regarding downloading the QuickBooks Simple Start 2010 into another desktop.

  • result of NOT adding this user to my QuickBooks license

    From the answer: hi @ cpv , I don't recall there is any checkbox as you have mentioned in QuickBooks 2017-2019.... Would you mind to share the screenshot?

  • Employees account was wrong for direct deposit paycheck. How do I fix it so they get paid?

    From the answer: Hi there, Kmccall.... We process your Direct Deposit ( DD ) 2 banking days before the paycheck date.... In your case, you can no longer change your employee's bank information.

  • Payrate increase in middle of payweek

    From the answer: You can use the same payroll item with the new rate in a separate field, 3268.... Here are the steps: Click Employees , then Payroll Center .

  • Notification from Google ending QB access to gmail

    From the answer: I've found similar questions about your concern, PGLLC.... It seems that Google is updating their security data policies and requirements.

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