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  • Reflect a payment I made from an account that is

    From the answer: Glad to have you here in the Community,  pausa180569 .... I'm here to help you reflect the payment in your QuickBooks using your personal account.

  • sending customer emails

    From the answer: Hello there,  greenvillestorage .... Thanks for sharing your thoughts and suggestions about the emailing feature in QuickBooks Online.

  • On occasion, when searching for a specific invoice, it does not appear. The invoice is in the system, but it just doesn't appear when using the search mechanism.

    From the answer: Hello there, @jeff25 .... Let's use the correct filter in the Advanced Search page to drill down the long list of invoices when looking for a specific transaction.

  • Vendor Bills

    From the answer: Hi there, .... I'd be glad to help share information about accessing QuickBooks Online (QBO) using the mobile app.

  • Price Rules/Estimates

    From the answer: Hi,  Malakan bookkeeping .... This issue was already reported and our developers are working to fix this as soon as possible.

  • Customizing Invoice Header

    From the answer: Hello there, hugh-cox.... When you make changes to a regular template, it also affects the other.... Furthermore, you can import your own template and add the DBA by following these steps: Click the Gear icon located in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Balance Sheet Per US GAAP - Quickbook Online

    From the answer: Hello,   Welcome to QuickBooks Community!... Currently, QuickBooks Online follows the accountant standard that most business users use.

  • Remarks column

    From the answer: I'll show you different areas on the invoice that don't have character limits, Alicia 5699.... If you're using a custom field to enter your remarks, only 31 characters are allowed.

  • How do I take an expense and apply it to a customer? This would be the only way to see a net profit report

    From the answer: You can make the expense transaction billable to the customer, marissanldnr.... To do this, you'd have to activate the billable feature in your company settings first.

  • QBO ProAdvisor Certification

    From the answer: Hi there, 10240.... Thank you for posting here in the Community!... You should be able to access your badge on the available Certification page within 1 hour after you passed the certification exam.

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