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  • How do I remove/change the admin ?

    From the answer: hi hobbieheat , You have to open your file with Admin credential then go to menu Company > Set Up Users and Passwrod > Set Up Users.

  • How to get full customer:job detail to print on detail lines on Purchase Orders

    From the answer: Thanks for using QuickBooks Desktop Premier, Diana27.... When printing your Sales Order, it will only show the last job of your customer.

  • need to speak to rep

    From the answer: I need to speak to a rep

  • Assigning classes

    From the answer: It looks like the prompt to assign classes feature is turned on, Mament.... This is why it lets you assign one to each downloaded transaction.

  • Accounts, etc for a small taxi service

    From the answer: I'm going to puzzle on this one some and get back, but as food for thought   amounts paid to the driver is not COGS, it is commission expense or non-employee expense, regardless of which you use if you treat the drivers as independent contractors tha

  • Inventory Adjustment - Quickbooks Desktop for Retail E Commerce

    From the answer: hi kmasta  , QuickBooks Desktop use average cost.... You may use FIFO in Advanced Inventory of Enterprise edition.

  • Entering Inventory for Online Retail E-Commerce

    From the answer: Hi there, kmasta.... For reporting purposes, you’ll need to enter your begging inventory through a transaction.

  • How do I setup security access for Sales and Accounts Receivable, Purchases and Accounts Payable and Sensitive Financial Reporting Permissions for users?

    From the answer: Hi embrown11,   In QuickBooks Desktop, you can set up restrictions for each user.... This will allow them to view only the selected reports you wish for them to see.

  • Export customer list

    From the answer: Hi aireez,   By customizing the report, you can filter and exclude the jobs' list.... Here's how: Open the Customer Contact List report.

  • New File for 2019, managing old Estimates and Invoices from 2018

    From the answer: Hi there, Kimba,   If the last invoice was dated in January 2019, you can start with that record.... Then, inactivate the estimate in 2018 with a memo stating it was inactivated because you started a fresh company file with 2019 data.

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