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  • how to write a vacation check and have it record time used.

    From the answer: Use a special vacation pay item.... QuickBooks sometimes sets one up automatically, but if you don't have one you can add one on the payroll items list: Start to set up a new payroll earnings item, either salary or hourly as is appropriate, and check the

  • how do i create a payroll file to send to the bank for direct deposit

    From the answer: QuickBooks won't create an export file for DD for you to use with your bank.... Instead, if they accapt a NACHA file, you can use our BRC Direct Deposit File Creator to create the file.

  • Federal & State Laws for Credit Card Processing - Where can I find resources?

    From the answer: Hello, I would recommend starting with the Federal Trade Commission as well as the Utah State Tax Commission.

  • HELP! What would result in a change to AP and COGs accounts in a closed period?

    From the answer: Purchase Orders are non-posting transactions, BarbDi.... This won't affect anything on your books or reports.

  • Fix unapplied vendor payments and credits - change review period

    From the answer: Thanks for getting back to me, danielk1.... The tool is commonly used to fix the vendor balances before closing the book.

  • Vendor Direct Deposit

    From the answer: I'll explain how direct deposit works, Bkkprgal.... When you pay your vendor through Direct Deposit, you can send the check 2 to 45 days before the payment date.

  • Enhanced Payroll Renewal & Direct Deposit for Vendors

    From the answer: Hi there, MwilmerFOF.... Yes, you still need to subscribe to payroll since it's a requirement for your vendor's direct deposit.

  • Vendor tax levy

    From the answer: Hi jfw1, I'd be glad to help you record your payment to your vendor and IRS/EDD.... You'll want to create a Wash Account / Clearing account (bank type) where you take payments for your vendor's invoices (bills).

  • Recording purchase of club pendant with club funds with a member writing a check to cover the cost at a later date

    From the answer: Record the expense to the proper expense account.... When you reimbursed, create a deposit and also code it to the same expense account.

  • What does "revert" do?

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I'm here to share some insights about voiding a bill.... When you void a bill, it zeroes the amount of the transaction in QuickBooks but keeps a record of the transaction.

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