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  • Multicurrency Loans

    From the answer: You're right, E21J.... The Loan Manager won't work in your case since you don't know when exactly the company will repay the loan.

  • Error code TD500 'problem with your update'

    From the answer: Hello there,  exec-director .... I appreciate the detailed information and for sharing the steps you've taken so far.

  • Matching bank transactions

    From the answer: Hi  IG4 ,   There isn't an option to match a downloaded deposit to multiple transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Can't Export Transactions to Credit Card

    From the answer: Thanks for getting back to me, .... I appreciate your effort for following the troubleshooting steps just to resolved this issue.

  • Track QuickBooks usage - Is there a way to see how much time I've spent using QB?

    From the answer: Good day, Real Estate Partners LLC .... Yes, there is!... You can run and customize the Audit Trail report.... This report shows all activities done on the company file with the name of the user.

  • Chart of Account numbering: Can I add decimal points or letters to account numbers?

    From the answer: Good day, @ Real Estate Partners LLC ,   You'll be glad to know that you can add a decimal point or letters to the account number on your Chart of Accounts.

  • Turning Tsheet employee time imports into estimates instead of invoices

    From the answer: Hello there,  dddenise .... Let me share some information on importing TSheet employee time in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • The screen of "Start a discussion" changes.

    From the answer: It could be that you have a full cache that's why you got an unexpected behavior when creating a discussion, BenTam.

  • Is there a way to run the Job Estimates vs Actual Report to include Service Items?

    From the answer: Hello there,  rmjacobs5 .... I can help run your desired report in QuickBooks Desktop.... In QuickBooks, you can customize your Estimates vs Actual Report to show Service Items.

  • Why does Enter now function as Tab?

    From the answer: We were searching for this question in Intuit Community, and was on the phone w/ QB for 3 hours and couldn't figure it out.

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