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  • Forecast vs budget report

    From the answer: I'd like to begin with welcoming you to the Community, .... I can give some information about the accessible reports in QuickBooks Desktop .

  • How do I withhold federal payroll taxes at a flat dollar amount for an employee without having to adjust the paychecks each pay period?

    From the answer: It's not exactly in compliance, but you can do it... Once the employee fills out the W-4 accordingly, enter 99 deductions and then an extra flat amount of tax on the employee settings for federal taxes.

  • A Corrupt transaction link error occurs each time I try to email a payment receipt

    From the answer: Let me help you sort this out, .... You'll be prompted with the error if you've set your email preferences to QuickBooks email.

  • Accounts Payable

    From the answer: Sending good vibes to you,  Debbietax .... You came to the right place for help with QuickBooks reports.... Let me help you sort this out.

  • Quickbooks Desktop and Google

    I just received the following note from Google. Is QB doing something to avoid this? Hi, Although you don’t...

  • Check Register preferences

    From the answer: You've came to the right place, @ Monica_SmartTouch.... I can walk you through on how to update the default account assigned to your check register.

  • how to customize dates in reports

    From the answer: Hi there,  Fern .... I appreciate you for sharing your experience with us.... I'm here to help customize your reports in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

  • Permissions Issue

    From the answer: Hi there, JoeE.... For the employee to open the report, you'll need to edit his permission to Create transactions and create reports under the Sales and Accounts Receivable section.

  • How do you track the percentage of a job completion by using the payroll information?

    From the answer: Hello there, @ Rochelle ,   Let me provide another report to show the number of hours worked under the customers:job   You can pull up the Payroll Item Detail report and customize it to show the Quantity column.

  • Outstanding Payroll Liabilities

    From the answer: Hello staffactg,   Since you've already paid the liabilities before setting up QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, let's record it by entering a prior payment.

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