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  • I have been asked to change gross payroll totals vs net payroll on reports

    From the answer: Good day, ,   Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out for support.... I want to make sure you're able to update the locations of your payroll taxes.

  • Matching multiple transactions

    From the answer: Hello there,  EmilyJane58 .... Let's get this straightened out for you.... There are few possible reasons why you're unable to match transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report

    From the answer: Open the Lists menu > Customer & Vendor Profiles, the submenu, the Terms List.... Edit that Terms to see if it is Define to what it is Named.

  • How to upgrade Company File from Older Version?

    From the answer: Yes you can update but 2006 to 2019 is too big a jump to make it once - it will have to be done in steps.

  • Clearing Old Deposits and Checks without Reconciling

    From the answer: You have to Complete a Reconciliation, so that the status is Cleared.... That's why and how they stop showing, next time.

  • Overpaid rent to a new owner

    From the answer: You don't do anything differently for New Owner, than for Old Owner.... You use the new Payee Name.... Your initial Title states you already Overpaid the new owner; if so, you underpay next time, to have the Total of the two times be what it was supposed to

  • Deleted blank checks

    From the answer: Deleted transactions don't appear in reports except for the Audit Trail report.

  • Contractor eddition

    From the answer: The Programs all use the same data file for your Accountant 9which was spun off of Premier Editions), and Pro.

  • Blank 'Description' field when generating 'Estimates by Job' report

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thank you for joining the Community.... Allow me to help share some insights about adding the Description on the Estimates by Job.

  • Direct Deposit for Payroll

    From the answer: Hello there, M_Ferri.... Thanks for joining the QuickBooks Community.... I’m happy to point you in the right direction, so you’re able to get a copy of the direct deposit fees.

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