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  • how do i enter a new credit card on simple start 2009?

    From the answer: Hi there,  wellwred.... To create a new account in Chart of Accounts, you can follow the steps below: Click Accounting from the left panel.

  • QuickBooks Desktop 943 Payroll Payment

    From the answer: You're correct,  hannah-howard .... The option to e-file/e-pay Form 943 is unavailable in QuickBooks.... However, you can use the Excel worksheet that contains data required in Form 943 to file with the IRS.

  • tax forms from 2017

    From the answer: Hello there, fairway00,   If you have saved or e-filed the 941 forms in QuickBooks, you can print it out.

  • Where is the customer snapshot in QB Mac like they had in QB Windows?

    From the answer: I can help you see the customer snapshot in QuickBooks for Mac,  Tracie3 .... All you have to do is click the Snapshot icon located at the top of your Home Page.

  • converted quicken 2016 to quickbooks 2019 bank acct are labeled acct payable

    From the answer: Hello todd5,   Thanks for reaching out to the Community.... Converting company file from Quicken to QuickBooks 2019 has a lot of steps to do.

  • My renewal is due on 3/27 and the account number seemed wrong. Can't call Monday will be on a cruise

    From the answer: You can manage your QuickBooks products and subscriptions in CAMPS, menardbrothers.... Here's how: Go to .

  • Balance Sheet

    From the answer: The balance sheet is a good start, if total assets, equals the total of liabilities and total equity if means that the entries you made were correct in form, whether they were correct for the transaction is something you have to look at individually

  • All my bill recording disappeared

    From the answer: Hello, mahealani4th.... Thanks for providing a screenshot.... Let’s try to check first your Audit trail to see if the transactions were deleted.

  • Balance Sheet

    From the answer: duplicate, closed - well shoot forgot this was the new community and we can no longer close threads that are duplicates

  • Should the full amount of a job I contracted out show as income on my P&L or just my profit?

    If I accept a job from one of my customers and contract it out, I create an invoice for my customer for the...

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