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  • How to convert "check" to "payment"?

    From the answer: I've found the way now: "right click on the page".

  • How do I recover a deleted invoice on Desk Top 2019 Mac.

    From the answer: You can recreate the deleted invoice, Mijsang.... The  Voided/Deleted Transactions Summary report is only available when you're using any of these versions: QuickBooks Desktop Accountant 2016 and later versions QuickBooks Enterprise 16.0 and later versio

  • Multiple buisnesses

    From the answer: Hello Ekim,   A company is equivalent to one QuickBooks Online subscription only.... Though, we can use the same login credentials when setting up a new company .

  • Does QB e-file a W2C

    From the answer: No, it doesn't.

  • Correct Company Taxes

    From the answer: Hello there, Lbr567.... Welcome to the QuickBooks Community.... I'm here to provide help regarding the calculation of the taxes in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Can Quickbooks for Mac 2019 import all my information from Quickbooks for Mac 2015?

    From the answer: It's nice to see you here today, ,   That's a great question!... I can share some information about the upgrading your QuickBooks Mac software.

  • Payroll, past payments made not in Quickbooks

    From the answer: Hi there,  LB51 .... I'd be happy to provide some insight regarding the taxes.... You'll need to make sure that the employee's Taxes are set up correctly.

  • Can I add a separate company with its own set of financial documents?

    From the answer: You cant have 2 companies within one file Using QB Desktop you need to 'create a new file/company'.... They are completely separate data files and you can only work on one at a time.

  • Equity Accounts and Balance Sheet

    From the answer: The answer to this depends on what type of entity you are and how you elected to file your taxes.... If you happen to be an S Corporation or an LLC filing taxes as an S Corporation (option you select).

  • QuickBooks will not accept my web mail password

    From the answer: Hi there, 2serveitsafely.... Thank you for reaching out to the Community.... I'd be glad to assist you with your webmail password in QuickBooks Desktop.

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