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  • P & L statement. I hit the green star and lost the P & L report key.

    From the answer: I experienced this too when I click the green star, g_gilpin.... Clicking the green star removes the report under Favorites .

  • We have used QB for years. This year when I designate a product nontaxable (produce), the products list and invoices show it as taxable. Is there a way to fix this?

    From the answer: We don't have to fix this, Et4740.... Let me explain why.... This is one of the special tax scenarios.... There are cases that QuickBooks Online may still recommend a tax amount even the inventory item is non-taxable.

  • Unearned Revenue - how to reclassify to income other then a manual Journal Entry

    From the answer: to post to unearned revenue you have to have an item that does that so sell the service, then on the next line select the unearned revenue item, set the qty to negative one, and enter the amount, save the zero dollar receipt

  • Product cost price in another currency?

    From the answer: hi @ Hannah2795 , You have to setup your vendor as a foreign one.... Please visit this link for your reference.

  • Remove a company

    From the answer: Hey there, TheHut.... Thanks for taking the time to visit the Community.... I can show you how to remove a duplicate QuickBooks Online company.

  • Do I have to use QB payroll services to use the project tracking?

    From the answer: Thanks for joining the Community, .... I'd be glad to provide clarification on the Projects feature.... It's not necessary to have QuickBooks Online Payroll (QBOP) to utilize this feature, even if you'd like to include payroll expenses.

  • I need help to set my pay roll

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community, .... I'd be happy to assist with setting up your payroll.... So that I'm able to provide you with the best resolution, could you please let me know if there are any specific areas that you're needing assistance with?

  • QuickBooks Online: Invoicing with Parent and also Locally

    From the answer: Welcome to the Online Community, LindenYa.... You’ll have to set up a different profile for each sub-customer so transactions are tracked separately.

  • How do I record giving a customer cash back?

    From the answer: Glad you've reached out to the Community, .... There are various ways to record a customers cash back in QuickBooks Online, depending on the refund scenarios.

  • QuickBooks Online - Progress invoice formatting limitations

    From the answer: We appreciate your suggestions for improving the invoicing feature, .... Currently, you can put the Complete column under %.

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