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  • Could you recommend some other accounting software as QB sucks?

    From the answer: This isn't the kind of service we want you to experience, .... I know how confusing it is to keep on going back and forth to resolve your concerns.

  • importing qbo files

    From the answer: Hi Dac43,   I can provide the steps to help you import your bank transactions to the correct credit card account.

  • Sales Tax Adjustment missing

    From the answer: Hey there, LynneOO.... This issue may be caused by your browser's cache.... Typically, this can be fixed by performing the basic troubleshooting steps.

  • Customer statement

    From the answer: You’ll always have the option to modify the statement period, seedling40.... Here’s how: Go to Customers at the top.

  • How to see own practice records in the client area

    From the answer: Hello there, .... In QuickBooks Online for Accountant, your practice (Clients information) is separated from your own books.

  • Invoice duplicating in cash basis transaction by account report

    From the answer: It's how the report behaves in a cash basis accounting, DMCar.... I'm happy to provide details about it.... The other invoice dated March 17 on your report is an offsetting invoice.

  • Business Property under construction/personal loan from a partner

    From the answer: 1. Ask the partner, if he does not want to get paid back, then yes it is equity investment.... If he wants to get paid back then use a current liability account for the loan (as the source account for the deposit) and pay it back over time.

  • Landlord - Deduct property management and repair cost in QBO?

    From the answer: I appreciate you for sharing a complete details of your concern, .... You can use QuickBooks' Project Feature to help you track your rental business income and expense transactions.

  • Deposit and Invoices

    From the answer: Let's correct your deposits so your data in QuickBooks will be accurate, Greenscapes.... We can always go back to the deposit and correct the details.

  • Stripe Payments overlap with Banking Deposits

    From the answer: Hello,   If the income is already being recorded correctly by using your service to sync the Stripe payments with QuickBooks and all records are complete and accurate, then I would recommend when the batch deposits from Stripe get downloaded in your

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