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  • How do tax deductions/write-offs make it to profit and loss?

    From the answer: Your mileage is not a business expense, it is a tax deduction on your annual income tax return.... You should not record your mileage expense on your Profit & Loss Statement.

  • When customers pay with CC via the QBO Reader, Sales Receipts are generated, but then Invoices are duplicates?

    From the answer: Hi ,   I'll share some tips so you can find any duplicate transactions, as well as avoid duplicates in the future.

  • Home office question.

    From the answer: Thanks for providing detailed information about your concern, .... You can account all home office related transactions under Schedule C: Home Office.

  • Re: TEST POST: How can I setup my merchant service account?

    From the answer: Hi, .... I appreciate you for taking the time posting your concern here in the Community.... Let's get this sorted out so you can setup your Merchant Service account with QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).

  • multiple restaurant organization & Quickbooks

    From the answer: Good day, mdod.... I want to be the first to welcome you to QuickBooks family.... You can use the class or  location tracking in QuickBooks Online.

  • Quickbooks online subscription price change

    From the answer: Hope you're good today, TSS_LLC.... The additional services are based on the feedback that we received from customers.

  • Setting up web form billing request

    From the answer: Good day, @ funtime1 ,   Thanks for providing complete details and the example of your concern for today.

  • duplicates in payroll expenses

    From the answer: Hi ,   Let's check why you have duplicates in your payroll expenses in QuickBooks Online.... If it's a regular payroll and the paychecks are from the current quarter, you can void the paychecks by following these steps .   1.

  • How to match a single amount transfer from bank account to multiple transaction credit card payment?

    From the answer: Welcome aboard to the Online Community, matt24505.... In QBO, you can match a single entry to multiple transactions.

  • importing csv

    From the answer: Let me help you sort this out,  @timo1 .... When importing CSV file into QuickBooks, there is a specific file format to follow.

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